Infection Prevention Our technology helps you win the fight against infection, whether you are at home or a health care facility.
Anti-Allergy Innovation Common allergens don’t stand a chance against the allergy-blocking products from I SHIELD
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What our customers are saying
  • "In a time when we are constantly reading about the rising infections, allergies and pollution in the country, I feel more protected with an AIRMASK when I ride to work. Moreover, it's affordable and comfortable!"Manjunath.N , Business Analyst, Bangalore
  • "It's heartening to know such products are being developed in India. I feel very comfortable knowing that I have taken every possible measure to keep my grand daughter safe at my place"Manjula R, House wife, Chennai
  • "Co-ordinating daily operations on construction sites is always challenging given the heat and pollution. AIRMASK helps me combat the germs and dust that I face everyday. What I like most about it is how light and breathable the fabric is which makes wearing a mask for longer hours a lot easier."Dayanand Kamble, Site Engineeer, Pune
  • "AIRMASK comfortably fits my face as I wear a helmet and ride to work"Chetan K, Jr. Executive, Bangalore
  • "I like how comfortable the AIRMASK is and protects me from the hazards of my profession"ArokyaMeri, Tailor, Bangalore
  • "I drive my rickshaw from dawn to dusk and as a result I'm exposed to a lot of dust which aggravated my allergies. After using AIRMASK I feel it has been significantly reduced which makes me happy"Venkatesh M, Bangalore
  • "As a family photographer I shoot at several locations, with SAFESHEETS I can be assured that I am not spreading germs from one client to another"Aditi Chivate, Singapore
  • "In a time where the growing number of school children have weaker lungs in the city today, I feel AIRMASK is a stylish, affordable solution that protects my daughter while she travels by the bus"Surekha Suresh, HR, Bangalore
  • "I got the SAFESHEETS when my grand daughter was born to give her a healthy start to her life ahead"Syyed Aslam, Driver, Pune
  • "AIRMASK is a great solution for people like us who work long hours outdoors"Shah Syyeed, R.T.O Pune
  • "I used the AIRMASK to shield me from germs and prevent exposure to my wound post an attack. The fabric was light and didn't cause any irritation to my skin"Utpal Vedajna, Front Office Manager