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Types of Masks and How Effective They Are

When going out, it's important to wear a mask to help slow the spread of the virus. It's also crucial to understand what kind of mask to wear and when it's necessary to do so.

You can buy a variety of face masks to shield yourself, and there are also more misconceptions about face masks.

Learn what kinds of masks are available and when you can use them to shield yourself and others.

  • Homemade cloth mask
  • Surgical mask
  • N95 mask

Homemade cloth mask:

Multiple layers of cloth form a membrane between the nose and mouth and the outside, helping to keep out the respiratory droplets with germs. The thicker the mask, the bigger the shield.

You can easily create your cloth mask at home using a variety of fabrics and a sewing machine, but closely woven fabrics like cotton are preferred. These fabrics are also helpful while wearing a mask in hot weather or when running.

Face masks made at home have several advantages.

  • Cloth face masks are easy to make at home with common household items, so there is an endless supply.
  • They reduce the likelihood that people will spread the virus by speaking, coughing or sneezing.
  • They are better than wearing no mask, particularly in conditions that are difficult to maintain physical distance.

Face masks made at home have risks.

  • They could lead you into a false sense of protection. Although homemade face masks provide some security, they are definitely not a substitute for surgical masks or respirators. 
  • They don't minimise the need for other safeguards. Proper hygiene practices and social distancing are also the most effective ways to keep yourself protected.

Surgical mask:

Surgical masks are loose-fitting face masks that protect the nose, mouth, and chin and are disposable. They are commonly used to:

  • Stop the sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets which might damage the wearer.
  • Stop the wearer's highly contagious respiratory secretions from spreading to others

Tests have shown that wearing them in public places will greatly minimise the spread of respiratory infection. According to the 2013 Aerosol Science and Technology survey, surgical facial masks will filter out about 60% of smaller inhaled particles.

Surgical masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are flat and rectangular with pleats or folds. You can adjust the metal strip on the mask to make it perfectly fit your nose.

When wearing a surgical mask, elastic bands or long, straight ties will help to keep the mask in place. These may be wrapped behind your head or looped behind your ears.

Surgical masks aren't meant to be used many times. When you've worn a mask, it's best to throw it out.

N95 mask:

An N95 respirator is a face mask with a tighter fit. 

  • This respirator can flush out 95 percent of extremely small particles in addition to splashes, sprays, and huge droplets which includes viruses and bacteria.
  • Some models can have an exhalation valve, which aids breathing and reduces the buildup of heat and humidity.

The respirator's shape is usually round or oval, and it's made to form a close seal around your face. Elastic bands keep it tightly in place on your face.

This is not a one-size-fits-all respirator. They must be checked before they are used, to ensure that an adequate seal is built. You would not get enough protection if the mask does not successfully seal your face.

Users of N95 respirators must conduct a seal check every time they put one on after being fit-tested.

I Shield’s Tekfabrik Face Mask:

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