TekWASH Laundry Disinfectant | Anti Bacterial + Anti Fungal+ Anti Vira – Infection Shield™
Laundry Disinfectant
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TekWASH Laundry Disinfectant | Anti Bacterial + Anti Fungal+ Anti Viral Coating | Cloth Disinfectant

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I SHIELD's tekWASH Laundry Disinfectant

I Shield’s tekWASH Laundry Additive is a powerful, long-lasting laundry additive that kills 99% of harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses* that tends to remain on fabric/clothing even after washing. tekWASH’s Laundry Additive is added to your final rinse cycle to ensure your clothes remain actively protected 24/7. Our scientific formulation not only kills microbes, but also turns your fabric into an anti-microbial shield - protecting you from the toughest pathogens until the next wash. Our anti-microbial formulation is ultra gentle on fabric/clothing as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Laundry Additive - Active until next wash

I Shield's active agent constantly destroys bacteria & viruses, ensuring long-lasting protection for your clothes/fabric, until your next wash.


Kills 99% of microbes

I Shield's Laundry Additive has been proven to kill 99% of disease causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses.*


Scientifically Proven

I Shield's Laundry Additive has been proven to be effective on harmful pathogens as per international standards.


Safe for fabric and humans

I Shield's Laundry Additive is gentle and safe for fabric and humans as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Direction for use

    • Hand wash: Pour 1 capful in a bucket (10L) of water and stir gently. Soak clothes already washed with detergent for 15 mins in the bucket. Wring the clothes to remove excess water and air dry them.
    • Semi-automatic washing machine: Add 1 capful of I Shield’s Laundry Additive during rinse cycle. Do not use during detergent wash cycle.
    • Automatic washing machine: Add 1 capful of I Shield’s Laundry Additive solution to the after wash/rinse cycle of the washing machine. Do not add during the detergent wash cycle.

Regular laundry disinfectants provide only a short-term solution against destroying harmful pathogens present on the fabric. I Shield's Laundry Additive revolutionizes the way we clean as it is the first Indian company to engineer a long-lasting solution against fighting harmful pathogens. Our aim is to bridge this hygiene gap and provide innovative, effective, and scientifically proven solutions to these issues.

I Shield’s Laundry Additive protects you from body-odor-causing microbes and is extremely safe for fabric. Our bleach free formulation works just as effectively in cold and warm water as it does in hot. Laundry Additive can be used as after wash laundry additive in an automatic, semi-automatic washing machine or can also be used during the manual wash. I Shield’s Laundry Additive has been tested on denim, cotton clothes, sportswear, winter wear, polyester clothing etc. I Shield ensures ultimate protection, whether you are at home or travelling!

* As per standard laboratory tests performed on Staphylococus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacteria phage λ (virus)

*Goods once sold cannot be exchanged or replaced, please refer to terms and conditions for further reference.