I Shield's Travel Kit
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I Shield's Travel Kit

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I Shield's travel kit is ideal for on-the-go protection! This kit contains a 50 ml bottle of our tekCLEAN, tekWASH and 2 bottles of tekGLOVE. We assure long-lasting protection no matter where you are! 

Once applied, our products ensure that you do not bring back home bacteria, germs and viruses. All products have a 99% kill-rate and have long-lasting, retentive properties, unlike alcohol based products that provide only temporary protection.

tekCLEAN: Forms an Anti-microbial coating for all surfaces, lasting for a minimum of 72 hours.

tekGLOVE: Forms an Invisible Glove on your hands, ensuring continuous 4 hour, anti-microbial protection

tekWASH: Covers all your existing clothes with an anti-microbial coating which lasts until your next wash.

*Goods once sold cannot be exchanged or replaced, please refer to terms and conditions for further reference.