I SHIELD's tek Sport | sports equipment disinfectant spray – Infection Shield™
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TekSPORT | Infection Shield for Surface | Anti Bacterial | Anti Viral Coating | For Sports Equipment & Gyms | Lasts 72 hours

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The surface looks clean but is it clean and free from bacteria and viruses?

Ishield's tekSPORT kills 99% of disease causing pathogens and ensures that frequently touched surfaces stay protected up to 72 hours, specifically designed to sustain in higher humidity and leave a laster bond despite regular usage on sports equipment, gyms and high touch points.


I Shield’s tekSPORT is a surface disinfectant that is active for 72 hours, a formulation unlike any other. Once sprayed, the liquid forms a long-lasting, anti-microbial coating that bonds to the surface. This invisible shield ensures frequently touched surfaces stay hygienic for longer. tekSPORT guarantees that 99% of harmful pathogens like bacteria and viruses* are killed on contact. This disinfectant is free from alcohol and chemicals that are harmful to humans.

Surface Disinfectant with 72 hours protection

I Shield's tekSPORT ensures that frequently touched surfaces stay protected.

Scientifically Proven

I Shield's tekSPORT has been proven to be effective on harmful pathogens as per international standards.

Safe for skin

I Shield's tekSPORT is made with a water based solution free from alcohol and harmful chemicals. Safe for adults and children**.

Kills 99% of microbes

I Shield's tekSPORT has been proven to kill 99% of disease causing pathogens like bacteria and viruses.*

Direction for use
  • Spray the entire surface, making sure it is completely covered.
  • Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes. No need to wipe.
  • Re-apply every 3 days.

I Shield’s tekSPORT provides long-lasting, round the clock protection. tekSPORT is a water-based solution that is highly effective against the toughest pathogens and is also safe for skin when it comes in contact with our formulation Our scientifically proven formulation is free from alcohol and other harmful chemicals as all alcohol-based products evaporate within minutes.This then provides only a short term protection against controlling transmission of pathogens. Our aim is to bridge this hygiene gap that currently exists in the world and to provide innovative, effective and scientifically proven solutions to these issues.

I Shield's tekSPORT is the first Indian company to create a surface disinfectant that has long-lasting properties. Whether you are protecting your kitchen, your children’s room, doctor’s office or even your commercial environment, I Shield's tekSPORT revolutionizes the way we clean. Protecting your home or commercial environment has never been easier!

* As per standard laboratory tests performed on Staphylococus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacteria phage λ (virus)

*Goods once sold cannot be exchanged or replaced, please refer to terms and conditions for further reference.