Tired of constantly Sanitizing your hands?

Unlike regular hand sanitizer, I SHIELD's tekRUB kills 99% off disease causing pathogens for up to 2 hours.

tekRUB sanitizer

I SHIELD's tekRub

I Shield's tekRUB acts as an invisible, protective glove that maintains and ensures long-lasting hand hygiene for up to 2 hours unlike regular hand-sanitizers providing only immediate protection. Having a 99% kill-rate of harmful pathogens*, our unique blend of this non-alcoholic, water-based formulation is highly effective against the toughest pathogens
The Invisible Glove

2 hours protection

I Shield's tekRUB ensures hands remain protected upto 2 hours

Scientifically Proven

I Shield's tekRUB has been proven to be effective on harmful pathogens, as per international standards.

Safe for skin

I Shield's tekRUB is a water-based solution, free from alcohol and harmful chemicals. Safe for adults and children**.

Kills 99% of Microbes

I Shield's tekRUB creates an anti-viral and anti-bacterial layer on your hands, protecting you from the toughest pathogens.

Direction for use We recommend

I Shield’s tekRUB provides long-lasting, round the clock protection unlike regular hand sanitizer that provide only immediate protection. Our scientifically proven formulation is free from alcohol and other harmful pathogens, as all alcohol-based products evaporate within minutes.

We touch our faces countless times a day and may transmit viruses and bacteria from our hands to our nose, mouth or eyes. Once germs enter our system, they compromise our immune system. Hence, it is crucial to keep your hands and frequently touched surfaces clean.

Good hand hygiene is the first, and single most important defense against preventing and controlling pathogen transmission. It is crucial to have round the clock protection, even when you’re on the go, especially during these unprecedented times and I Shield does just that! You can trust I Shield to provide you and your family protection unlike any other.

* As per standard laboratory tests performed on Staphylococus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacteria phage λ (virus)